London Cityscapes Night and Day Photography | Sunset and Sunrise

London landscape photography

January 18/19th 2021 Central London
January 18th – 1400-finish (around 10PM) January 19th 0700-1400 

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Join me in Central London for an afternoon and evening photographing cityscapes through sunset into darkness and again the following morning as the city awakens and we head back out to capture sunrise. 

From our location near Tower Bridge we’ll be close to major landmarks and several photographic hotspots. Working out of peak times will allow us to photograph the vibrant city without the crowds we’d expect during the peak times of day. 

During the workshop, we will. 

  • Landscape composition – using lead in lines, rule of thirds, separation and image structure.
  • Focusing, hyperlocal distance and maximising depth of field.
  • Long exposures with the use of filters.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with exposure bracketing,
  • Focus stacking and editing
  • Creating panoramic images.
  • Produce modern fine art black and white images. During a post workshop zoom I will demonstrate my Lightroom and Photoshop techniques for creating the high contrast black and white images. 

Equipment required

Tripod, lenses from wide angle to around 70/105mm. Cable release. Filters are available to borrow for the workshop to allow you to try a variety of filters without the expense of purchasing them 

Fitness Level 1/5 Easy terrain and very fill inclines.

View images from previous workshops.  

London landscape photography
London landscape photography

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