Evening Wedding Wow – Increasing turnover through sunset and twilight wedding photography

A webinar all about how adding evening and twilight coverage (sunset onwards) to your wedding photography packages can add value to your photography business, increase turnover and lead to more bookings. 

Equipment I talk about....

LED Light Panel – ideal for focusing at night and also useful for ring shots/details etc. This is an invaluable piece of kit costing less than £30. 

2 Versions – Both very similar and are charged by USB and include temperature controls to change from Tungsten to daylight. 

120 Led panel on Amazon 

Smaller square panel with diffusers on Amazon

Cable Release – Often overlooked and one of the most important tools when shooting at night on a tripod, the underrated cable release will ensure sharper photos by reducing camera shake caused by physically pressing the shutter button. These are 3rd party and inexpensive releases costing around £10. Well worth it. 

Canon – works on all 5D models (5D1/5D2/5D3/5D4) and all 1DX models 

Nikon N10 – works on Z6/7 and D750, D600, D610

Sony – Works on all A7 / A7 R and A9 series cameras

Fuji – Works on XT-1/ XT-2 / XT-20 etc

Magmod – The starter kit includes the flash attachment, grid, and gel holder plus the temperature gels I often use in my photographs (1/4 CTO at night and full CTO for the orange silhouettes) 

Magmod Starter Kit on Amazon

Godox AD200 Flash – a powerful 200 watt flash for use off camera. Very portable and a large capacity battery means I’ve never drained it of power. 

Godox AD200 on Amazon

Evening Wow Webinar Recording

I’m using a new computer and there are a few gremlins at the beginning as I realise it isn’t set up correctly for mouse pointers etc… Hope you find this webinar useful. 

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