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Workflow – Speeding up your wedding photography edits in Lightroom and Photoshop

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Workflow – Speeding up your wedding photography edits in Lightroom and Photoshop

 February 2nd 2017 Hazlewood Castle near York

£100 for the day or £60 per session (AM / PM) Lunch and refreshments included

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On November 14th we’ll be hosting a wedding editing workflow day looking at both Lightroom and Photoshop editing, how to speed up your editing time, develop a consistent style and deliver quality results for your clients. The information within this workshop will work for weddings and portrait studios and edits.

This isn’t how to use Lightroom and Photoshop, this is a how to use Lightroom and Photoshop quickly and efficiently, delivering high quality results that help with increasing sales and seriously help with marketing.

All attendees will receive a selection of Lightroom presets from our soon to be released ambience collection and speed editing workflow set.

Morning session : 0930 – 1300  Lightroom

During the morning session I will discuss and demonstrate my Lightroom workflow. From the initial import and cull to the export of files ready for Photoshop. I’ll be demonstrating how I use presets at import and during the edit, copy, paste and sync of settings and quick use of sliders. Our initial cull of images usually takes no longer than 15 minutes, not the hours and even days we hear photographers talk about. I’ll demonstrate my culling technique with a real wedding and talk about how and why it takes some photographers so long.

As a general guide to our workflow and timings a typical wedding takes….

Import and Cull 15 minutes and then edit of approx 500 files 2-3 hours.

During this time I’ll also explain my file structure, archiving and storage as well as back up process.

Afternoon session: 1345 – 1700 Photoshop

The best way to describe the afternoon Photoshop editing session is running Photoshop on Steroids, you’ll see how we can quickly work through files with a number of automated processes whilst still retaining complete control of the edit. Our approach delivers consistently styled  images ready for the customer very quickly and easily.

During the afternoon we’ll look at actions, droplets and speed tweaks as well as folder structures and selecting images.  During the afternoon session you’ll quickly understand why and how our Lightroom workflow helps later in the edit and how the two programs work so well together.

Our Average photoshop time for the 500 wedding files is approximately 45 minutes of edit time.

Experience level: Beginner to advanced.

Equipment required: Notepad and pen. No laptop required for this day.

Who Can book?: This workshop is open to anyone.

Where to find Hazlewood Castle: Hazlewood Castle is just off the A1 / A64 between Leeds and York. The nearest mainline train stations are leeds and York. Doncaster and Leeds/Bradford airports are around 45 minutes away.

£100 for the day or £60 per session (AM / PM) Lunch and refreshments included