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Winter wedding photography – Lighting and surviving winter weddings – wedding photographer training course


Winter wedding photography – Lighting and surviving winter weddings – wedding photographer training course

January 23rd 2017  0900 – 1700.  Hazlewood Castle near Leeds and York.

£175 including lunch and refreshments. Limited to only 10 photographers.  £50 deposit to book

Fully Booked

The ability to work and deliver stunning wedding photographs when the conditions are against you are one of the true measures of a professional wedding photographer. On the  surviving winter weddings workshop we’ll look at techniques and lighting styles that will help you consistently deliver those wow images whether it’s raining, snowy or just miserable.

We’ll explain how you can convince bride and grooms to venture out in all sorts of weather and how to minimise the set up and photography time allowing you to create the images quickly and painlessly.

Following on from a short introduction and talk through my winter wedding workflow (ideas and tips that will work even in the summer) we’ll spend the majority of the day photographing a bridal model inside and outside Hazlewood Castle. During the day we aim to employ a number of lighting techniques including Flash on and off camera, video light and natural light, using exactly the same equipment and the same techniques and methods we employ during our real weddings.

We will only use the equipment we would normally have available on a wedding day, our lighting kit is comprised of only video light, speed lights and triggers. The techniques and methods we’ll be using on this workshop will work with weddings all year round but are also a brilliant tool in your armoury for winter weddings, providing a safe fall back for tricky and difficult situations.

Creative off Camera Flash – creating mood and ambience – We’ll look at ways of creating a mood and style of image suited to winter weddings using off camera flash




Bridal Portraits with Natural light – Techniques for creating bridal and wedding photography portraits with just natural light. We will also teach the method of going dark, making the ambient levels lower and just illuminating our subject, a simple but very effective technique.

Off camera flash indoors– we’ll use our flashes to create different styles, not just easy portrait lighting. The image below features two flashes, both fired off camera.

Wedding photographer training courses. Wedding photography tips. Winter wedding training course

Convincing the bride and groom – when the weathers really bad and you’d rather be inside, this is the time to create some truly stunning wow shots. We’ll look at techniques and ideas that will stand you in good stead for when the weather really is against you.


Mixing it with flash – using flash inside the wedding venue – simple techniques for using flash in your indoor wedding images, both bride and groom and groups.  Images below, ambient and flash mixed together to create these simple bridal portraits.

Wedding photographer training course. Winter wedding training

Video light and other lighting sources – We’ll look at the correct use of video light, discussing the pitfalls many users experience whilst creating images in dark and dimly lit rooms.  We’ll also look at using other available light sources and add a few of our own into the mix.



Adding that something special – We’ll look at what we can use in the environment to add that extra wow factor, simple techniques with shiny surfaces, creating and adding flare, distortions or bokeh highlight blur.


Training and portfolio days are designed to help build your knowledge and confidence with real world advice and training that can be easily replicated on a wedding day.

Who can book – This course will cater for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. A good working knowledge of your camera and settings are essential to maximise the learning opportunities of this day. Because of the nature of this day and the amount of information available to attendees I will not accept bookings from anyone within a 30 mile radius of my Postcode ( WF10 5EW )

Equipment Required – Camera with lenses from wide angle to around 200mm would be of the most benefit. You will also need a set of triggers to use with your flash. Waterproof clothing, weddings don’t stop if the weather’s bad and we’ll aim to shoot outdoors during the day.

Getting here – Close to the A1 and M1 Hazlewood Castle is easily reached by car. The nearest mainline train stations are Leeds and York with regular trains to and from London. The nearest airports are Doncaster and Leeds.

Limited availability to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to shoot and learn

Lunch and refreshments are included.

(£175 per person. I have limited the places available to ensure everyone comes away with lots of knowledge and images)

Fully Booked

Anyone wishing to stay overnight at Hazlewood Castle either the day before or on the day can book a special delegate rate of £80 per room bed and breakfast.

Conditions of booking: All monies paid are non-refundable. Images taken on the workshop maybe used for marketing purposes including website and print they cannot be used for qualifications or competition entries. Whilst we aim to cover the full itinerary for the day we cannot be held responsible if due to factors outside our control we are unable to complete any part of the days course.

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