Webinars – Online Webinar Recordings

Access to recordings of recent wedding photography webinars including Off Camera Flash, SEO and Workflow

Access is available for four weeks after purchase via a unique password login. After purchase via PayPal I will email you links and access codes for the webinars. Please allow unto 24 hours for the link email. 

The Wedding Day - 6x Webinar Recordings

A whole wedding day from preparing equipment to the delivery of the wedding album. Join me in a series of 6 Webinars lasting over 8 hours as I explain how I work on a wedding day, camera settings, key images, before and after edits and much more. 

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Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers speeding up your workflow

Workflow 3x Webinar recordings £20

A series of 3 webinars discussing and highlighting my workflow from Lightroom to Photoshop and Live Editing of attendee files. Over 4 hours of recordings available for £20 Click here
Webinar 1:Lightroom – Speeding up your Lightroom Workflow editing weddings in under three hours

  • Lightroom preference settings to improve performance
  • File Organisation
  • Importing options – Rendering, presets and Smart previews
  • Culling of gallery images in Lightroom in under twenty minutes
  • Presets and automation
  • Export Settings – Sizing, Watermarking Export Actions
Webinar 2: Photoshop – Automating and speeding up edits
  • Photoshop preference settings to improve performance
  • Workspace
  • Actions 
  • Plugins 
  • Droplets
Webinar 3: Live Edits of attendee files

I edit a selection of files submitted by attendees of the live sessions using Lightroom and Photoshop

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SEO for wedding photographers

Search Engine Optimisation for Photographers - SEO 3x Webinars £20

Three webinars with easy to follow instructions to help you optimise your own website for improving search engine results. Over 4 hours of recordings.  Click here to Purchase all three for £20

Webinar 1: Keywords – Understanding different types of keywords, how to create our own and how we can use these in our website content and tags. 

Webinar 2: Optimising images – Making your images found on search engines. How we can optimise and protect our photographs to ensure they are found and remembered by prospective clients. 

Webinar 3: Link Building and working with wedding venues- the importance of building high quality back links in your SEO strategy, where we can find these potential links and building relationships leading to working with wedding venues. 


Search Engine Optimisation - Landing Pages £10

Creating SEO rich pages to boost your photography website to the top of Search Engines. Examples of wreal world effective pages and techniques used. Landing pages are not to be confused with Google Adwords landing pages, these are free and quick to build. I would recommend you watch the series of three SEO webinars before this one. 


Off Camera Flash training for wedding photographers

Off Camera Flash x3 Webinars £20

Over 5 hours of recordings all about Off Camera Flash. Go to settings for flash and camera and real world examples with behind the scenes and diagrams. Quick and easy set ups from real weddings to create amazing photographs with just speedlights.  Click here to purchase access to the recordings for £20

Webinar 1- Off camera flash outdoors. Where, when and how. Single and multiple flashes and settings, overpowering the sun and adding drama

Webinar 2 – After dark – All about evening wedding images, sunsets, night shots, first dance, Flash starbursts

Webinar 3 – We’ll then go further with the use of multiple flashes, coloured gels and modifiers as well as looking at employing off camera flash indoors.

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Advanced Off Camera Flash x2 Webinars £15

Following on from the series of 3 Off camera Flash webinars, The two Advanced Flash webinars take us further into creativity and control. Use of modifiers, multiple flashes, gels, smoke and in camera techniques. lots of real world examples and behind the scenes with quick easy set ups and go to settings


Access is available for four weeks after purchase via a unique password login. After purchase via PayPal I will email you links and access codes for the webinars. Please allow unto 24 hours for the link email. 

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