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Wedding photography training London


April 16th and 17th 2018  £375  for two days 

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April 16th  1700 – Midnight  –  April 17th 1130 – 1730

Join us at 17.00 on Monday April 16th 2018 in London. With a bride and groom model we’ll begin our shoot early evening photographing through sunset and dusk until the early hours of Tuesday morning. By shooting later in the day we will be able to avoid more of the crowds and take advantage of many stunning locations and landmarks as we mix the modern and historic buildings, bridges and towers. 

During this time we’ll be using a mix of flash and video lights to create stunning images against the famous backdrops. You’ll have plenty of hands on shooting as I demonstrate my style and approach before guiding you to create a similar image or something unique to yourself.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to guide and direct the models. On the way we will try and incorporate into our photos St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament, London Eye (background only), Millennium bridge, The Shard, Tower of London etc

On the 17th we’ll meet up again at 11.30 for an afternoon of urban shooting taking in several key locations during daylight finishing around 5.30. During the second day we’ll be putting all the skills from day one into practice as we photograph our bride and groom with a variety of lighting techniques including off camera flash.

Skill Level – Intermediate and Advanced : This is not suited to beginners: To get the most from the workshop we would recommend you are fully conversant with using your camera with on camera flash and have a set of TTL radio triggers.  If you are unsure please contact me.

Previous London workshop images


Wedding photographer training London

Just before sunset on Westminster Bridge.

Bride and groom with big ben and london bus

Creative use of backdrops and exploring camera settings. Motion blur on Westminster Bridge.

Wedding photographer training LondonWedding photography training London

We aim to catch sunset around Westminster Bridge, creating a mixture of off camera flash and silhouette wedding photography

Wedding photographer training LondonWedding photographer training London

St Paul’s Cathedral, one of the locations used on day 2 of the workshop.

Wedding photography training LondonLondon Wedding Photographer training courseLondon Wedding Photographer training courseLondon Wedding Photographer training courseLondon Wedding Photography training

London Wedding Photographer training course

Training and portfolio days are designed to help build your knowledge and confidence with real world advice and training that can be easily replicated on a wedding day.

Who can book– A good working knowledge of your camera and settings are essential to maximise the learning opportunities of this day. Because of the nature of this day and the amount of information available to attendees I will not accept bookings from anyone within a 20 mile radius of my Postcode ( WF10 5EW )

Equipment Required– Camera with lenses from wide angle to around 200mm would be of the most benefit. A tripod for the night shoot and flash gun. Ideally you will also need a set of triggers to use with your flash. Waterproof clothing, weddings don’t stop if the weather’s bad and we’ll aim to shoot outdoors during the day.

Staying over – We will be starting near Westminster on day one and finishing near St Pauls. A central London hotel would be ideal, there are a number of Premier Inn and Travellodges nearby. The Premier Inn on Towerbridge Rd also has car parking on site.

Travelling: London is easily accessible by Rail, road and air. We’ll be meeting and finishing at central locations allowing you to walk or use public transport or taxi’s to reach our meeting point. Finishing location on day one will be around St Pauls, nearby are several underground stations and the area is served by black cabs and UBER.

Limited availability to ensure all attendees have the opportunity to shoot and learn Lunch and refreshments are included. Book with a £50 deposit per day.  (I have limited the places available to ensure everyone comes away with lots of knowledge and images)

Conditions of booking: All monies paid are non-refundable. Images taken on the workshop maybe used for marketing purposes including website and print they cannot be used for qualifications or competition entries. Whilst we aim to cover the full itinerary for the day we cannot be held responsible if due to factors outside our control we are unable to complete any part of the days course.

April 16th and 17th 2018  £375 for two days 

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