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Lake District Training Day

This is a trainee’s review and images of our Lake district Workshop, photographs and blog post supplied by attendee Peter Anslow

A brilliant two day workshop run by Chris Chambers in the gorgeous Keswick area of the Lake District.

I have been looking to improve my photography for a couple of years but most of the courses were usually booked up, too far away or didn’t coincide with free dates in my diary! Then a couple of months ago there was one particular photograph by Chris Chambers that was all over Facebook and went viral and I thought “Wow!”

I had a peep at Chris’s website and he also did Photography training and it was quite near (a couple of hours away) and also great value. I also had the dates free in my diary and there was a place available – brilliant!


Photographs supplied by Peter Anslow


Photographs supplied by Peter Anslow


Blog post and photography supplied by Peter Anslow

  • Peter Anslow - I loved the Lakes workshop so much that I have now booked to go on the Hazlewood Castle one in January 2016 and the London one in March!
    I knew within the first hour of the Lakes workshop that I had made the right decision – I learned so much off Chris and it was great fun!

Our London Wedding photography workshop on March 15th and 16th 2016 has now fully booked. The two day workshop will feature day and night photography in and around central London. we’ll be working with our bride and groom models and a number of world famous landmarks to create amazing bridal images as well as learning new techniques and skills to create these striking photographs at any wedding.

A few examples of images from our recent London Wedding Photography Training Workshops.

London wedding photographer trainingLondon wedding photographer trainingLondon wedding photographer training

We have added a new Wedding photography training and portfolio day at Hazlewood Castle near York on December 1st 2015.  The day will start at 1030 with registration and introductions before we discuss the technicalities and theory of Off camera Flash and lighting before we join our bride and groom models for the practical hands on photography time during which well cover techniques including use of Off Camera Flash, Natural Lighting, Video and LED lighting, on Camera flash and shooting indoors and outdoors.

Wedding photography training courses

Full details of this course can be found here Hazlewood Castle wedding photography training day

Hazlewood Castle wedding photographer, wedding photographer laying in puddleLate August we posted a wedding photograph to our wedding Facebook page from Leanne and Chris’ wedding at Hazlewood Castle along with a behind the scenes photo showing how we had taken the final photograph making use of the low camera angle, puddle and wide angle lens to give a completely different view point. The image became our most popular ever Facebook post and came as close to being viral as we could ever imagine with tens of thousands of shares and so so many likes on our page and others, one Facebook page reaching almost half a million likes!

We’ve been laying in puddles, wading into lakes and generally shooting in undesirable locations for years as we strive to bring our bride and grooms our best wedding photography and something different from the many run of the mill wedding photographers out there.

We aim to achieve a lot of this work in camera, having spent time working on lighting and other techniques to create stunning wedding photographs straight out of camera without relying on too much photoshop manipulation, we prefer photography to the boring computer work.

The techniques below are exactly what we teach on our wedding photography training courses, creating the wow shot first time and every time.

Here’s some examples from the last few years…..

Below…. Wentbridge House for Natalie and Alex’s wedding. Sunset is inline with the car park. Catching the last rays of sun through the trees at the far end of the car park has brought us close to the cars, however our camera settings, lighting and view point have created something completely different from the behind the scenes image.

Wentbridge House wedding photography

Below… Following heavy rain at Hazlewood Castle a few weeks ago we had a couple of puddles in the courtyard to play with. This wedding photograph of Hayley and Garry after dark involved placing the camera into the water and holding it steady for the relatively long exposure required to create the finished photograph.Hazlewood Castle wedding photography, award winning wedding photography at Hazlewood Castle

Below… Sunset and another car park. Carl and Vicky at the Mount Pleasant Hotel in Doncaster in the summer. The small puddle offered an amazing reflection and with the viewpoint,  lighting and exposure adjustments we were able to remove the car park in camera. Many people believe this was all done in Photoshop….
Mount Pleasant Doncaster wedding photographer, bride and groom in the car park. Doncaster wedding photographs

Below… One of our first Behind the Scenes, Following a large snow melt in the field outside Allerton Castle was large puddle of water. Bright sun and almost no wind allowed me to take off my shoes and socks and walk into the puddle for the photograph with a great Allerton Castle reflection behind

Allerton castle wedding photographer - going the extra mile at allerton castle wedding

Below… Often Venues are surrounded by carparks or have them in direct line of sunsets, This is from Ebony and Shane’s wedding recently at The old lodge, Malton. With the carpark in the north west corner of the venue we were forced to photograph the birde and groom with the cars behind. The top photo shows the location and setting, the bottom was the finished result which required very little photoshop editing. We try and create the effects in camera rather than spending hours editing.

Bride and groom wedding photography tip, photo of bride and groom in field at sunset. Off camera flash at weddings

Below… A change of view point with this wedding photograph of James and Sally at Hazlewood Castle. The top photo shows them in in the field whilst the second wedding photograph adds more drama combined with the dramatic lighting and skies we are well known for.Hazlewood Castle wedding photography, award winning wedding photography Hazlewood Castle Yorkshire

Hazlewood Castle wedding photography